Roller Shutters

Roller Shutters are quickly becoming the most popular system to protect homes and businesses across the UK. We provide several different options for this product and are able to tailor to the design needs and budget of every client whether it is a private resident or a nationwide corporation.

Some of our options include:

Commercial Roller Shutters: Used mainly for shop fronts and shopping centres.
Fire resisting Roller Shutters: Mostly used in schools and businesses to stop the spread of fire and smoke.
Built in Lintel Systems: The latest breakthrough. A ‘hidden’ shutter that is integrated into the building during construction.
Industrial Shutters: Designed for use on large warehouses and units. Available in a single or 3 phase option dependant on use.
Garage Door Shutters: Mostly used for domestic environments these come in insulated steel or aluminium and offer security while maintaining the look of the house.

All of these shutter designs come with a full range of access possibilities including key switches, remote controls and group commands and all can be powder coated to suit their surroundings.